The Future of UK Solar

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In light of the recent policy changes from the Conservative government, the future of UK solar is looking less bright. With clear support for fracking and cuts to UK solar it may seem time to jump ship. But is this the case? What will the real affects be of the recent policy changes? Who will come out on top and how should you be shoring up your business to make sure you survive?  This one hour seminar gathers together diverse characters from UK solar to present their views and thoughts on the future of UK solar.

  • How will the recent government policy changes really affect the UK solar industry?
  • Can we talk of a post subsidy solar?
  • What should the industry be lobbying for now and how can this be achieved?

Speakers include:

Seb Berry, Head of External Affairs, Solar Century
Merlin Hyman, CEO, RegenSW
Alan John, Partner, Osborne Clarke
Jonathan Selwyn, Managing Director, Lark Energy

This podcasted was recorded from a webinar on September 22nd 2015