PV Tech Power: FLOATING SOLAR (Summer 2019)

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PV Tech Power: FLOATING SOLAR, a 17-page report, which is free to download as a PDF file. Scroll down and complete the form to access the download.

The report contains these recent articles from our PV-Tech Power publication:

PV-Tech Power 18: Technical Briefing Floating PV systems – an overview design considerations
Floating solar has huge potential in areas where difficult terrain or land constraints make ground-mounted systems impractical. Gijo George and Pranav Patel of DNV GL explore some of the technical challenges in designing and building floating PV projects

PV-Tech Power 17: Technical Briefing Crunching the numbers on floating solar
A major new study published by the World Bank has underlined the scale of the opportunity represented by floating solar systems, but highlighted issues of cost, bankability and regulation still facing this emerging branch of the solar industry. Sara Verbruggen reports on the first serious piece of heavyweight analysis of the prospects for floating solar

PV-Tech Power 16: Technical Briefing Offshore floating solar – a technical perspective
With floating solar on lakes and reservoirs well on the way to becoming a mainstream concept, attention is now turning to the possibilities offered by offshore systems. Børge Bjørneklett describes some of the pioneering R&D work being undertaken in the race to take solar to the open seas

PV-Tech Power 15: Investigating the impacts of floating solar on the water environment
Despite the growing popularity of floating solar installations, relatively little is known about their environmental impacts on water bodies. Ian Jones and Alona Armstrong are leading a research progamme to understand more about how the environmental benefits of floating PV can be harnessed and the downsides minimised